Border Rescue

This very large garden has been tended by a regular gardener however the dreaded ground elder had obviously crept in and some of the larger borders had become swamped.


Artemis were called and so far we have undertaken a rescue operation on one large island border. Digging up and saving as many of the bulbs, occasional peony and iris corms as possible the elder was then killed off and the whole border dug over and roots removed.


Artemis prepared a new planting scheme which has been planted incorporating groundcover which once established should help suppress future ground elder arisings.


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As ground elder is dying back


After planting, September 2012


Spring/Summer 2014

Very little ground elder is now coming through thanks to the new plants establishing themselves. Artemis has been asked to carry out the same process with an (even larger!) bed that was in the same state. We will be planting this with larger shrubs and some groundcover perennials to contrast the mainly perennials and grasses border as it blends to the view beyond.



October 2014